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Want to give back to a charity that is near and dear to our hearts? Our close friend's daughter, Camille, was diagnosed with SMA when she was an infant. She has shown so much strength and has overcome many challenges at such a young age. She is a blessing and we love her so much! Camille brings so much JOY to our lives. Southern Smocked Company has donated a large portion of our proceeds from the sale of our beautiful JOY Dress to the STOP SMA non-profit organization and we will continue to donate to this organization year after year. STOP SMA promotes SMA awareness and increase community involvement resulting in monetary investments toward leading research and SMA family support. The organization STOP SMA donates wheelchairs (which are about $4500 and not covered by insurance) to kids in need. The chairs were designed for SMA kids and are the lightest wheelchairs made so SMA kids can maneuver and push them without using a lot of strength or energy which is huge. Camille received her wheelchair from the STOP SMA organization. If you would like to donate to the STOP SMA organization, here is the link. Please consider donating --> 

To follow Camille's journey, you may visit their Facebook page called "Camille's Corner".